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FM Lab works with new and existing partners to codify evidence-based insights into personalised best practices and products for businesses and individuals.

We kick things off by seeking a nuanced understanding of our partners business, employee and customer needs. From there we use our agile science methodology to create and deliver behavioural change interventions, conduct research, capability building, consult on projects alongside in-house teams and design psychometric testing tools.

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Building off fundamental cognitive neuroscience and data science research, we develop bespoke cognitive and neuroscience tests and new technology for clients- in order for them to empirically investigate biological mechanisms related to innovation skills.

We develop suites that measure skills like creativity, resilience, tolerance for ambiguity, mental imagery (imagination), intuition and leadership.

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Housed within UNSW, FM Lab comes from a rigorous and world class research background. Naturally, science underpins everything we do.

We endeavour to scientifically map the psychological, neurological and practical mechanisms of innovation through empirical research and theory.

Agile science starts here, with rapid iteration of experiments as well as conducting reviews and meta-analysis of existing research around the world to help answer our partners big, tricky questions.

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We believe that a deeper understanding of human cognition and psychology can drive more insightful innovation. Be it product or service design, technological innovations or organisational culture.

Our educational workshops and online courses bring together principles of psychology, cognitive neuroscience  and innovation frameworks into a unified program- to help you understand the scientific ‘why’ behind your brain and practice, so that you can better implement the ‘how’.  



Future Minds Process


The Future Minds team practices agile science; a step-by-step framework for conducting rapid agile science, with a clear guiding path to maximise unexpected discoveries and at the same time keep science lean and efficient. 

It is designed to guide scientific discovery by starting at the top, with the research idea node and typically working through stages of rapid iteration. Once the research idea or question is clear and various aspects about whether it is a worthwhile research question have been worked out, the project is ready for agile experimentation.

This process starts with an exploratory workshop in the FM Playspace; a 350m2 custom built centre that houses VR rooms, testing stations, brain stimulation devices, meeting rooms, breakout spaces and research offices.The team works with you to define your problem, design a bespoke project plan, and cycle through rapid testing stages-should you need one off consulting, educational modules, cognitive workshop specialists, psychometric testing or research insights.

Head to our agile science website to explore our methodology further.