Workshop description

In our Behavioural Science & Nudges Workshop, you’ll be introduced to the fundamentals of behavioural science and learn the core skills required to apply behavioural nudges in your own organisation.

There was once a time when humans were believed to be rational agents, carefully and objectively weighing up evidence before making decisions. Perhaps not surprisingly, we now know that this is not the case. Humans are predictably irrational--prone to bias, incorrect judgements and heuristics–some of which we are aware, but most of which we are not.

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A wide body of evidence, spanning across psychology, cognitive neuroscience, and economics has documented the ways in which human behaviour is influenced. This workshop is designed to break down these complex theoretical and empirical findings to make information about why people behave the way they do accessible and practical.

By the end of the workshop, you and your team will:

  1. Know about effective behavioural science implementations around the world.

  2. Understand the fundamentals of behavioural science and why it is important.

  3. Be introduced to the concept of nudges and see leading examples of applied behavioural nudges.

  4. Have hands-on experience finding ways to put nudges into practice within your own organisation.

  5. Recognise how and why we need to rigorously measure initiatives and interventions.

This workshop also incorporates our Design for the Brain cards. A collection of 40 of the strongest and most applicable findings from behavioural science and behavioural economics, this deck provides a powerful tool for learning, ideation and design that can be applied to any product or service.


Our typical workshop spans 3-5 hours, but can be adjusted for your organisation.

This workshop can be adapted to your organisation’s type and specific needs. Start a conversation with us to see how we can tailor our workshop to your needs.