Educational workshops that bring together principles of psychology, cognitive neuroscience and innovation frameworks into a unified program.


Spanning 3 hours, our standard workshop covers:

  • Effective behavioural science implementations around the world

  • The fundamentals of behavioural science and why it is important

  • The concept of nudges

  • Hands-on experience putting nudges into practice in your own organisation

  • How and why to rigorously measure initiatives and interventions

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Aprox. 3 hours


Prof. Joel Pearson
Director of Future Minds Lab

Annaliese McGavin
Psychologist (MOrgPsych) & PhD Researcher

+ Expedition X

Founders Field Guide to Start-up Stress


In Expedition X participants work through ‘The Founders Field Guide to Start-up Stress’. A resource filled with practical and proven techniques to help entrepreneurs:

  • Effectively manage energy, stress and resources during their startup expedition

  • Harness cognitive tools for tackling anxiety, worry and limiting self-beliefs

  • Learn a simple framework for sustainable task management


2 hours