Behavioural Nudges Workshop

Learn How to Nudge Better Behaviours in your Organisation



TIME: Aprox. 3 hours


Prof. Joel Pearson
Director of Future Minds Lab

Annaliese McGavin
Psychologist (MOrgPsych) & PhD Researcher

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It opened our eyes to the many important possibilities and opportunities a deeper understanding of human behaviour, neuroscience and nudges can offer to business.


Behavioural Science & Nudges

Behavioural Science is the study of how our cognitive processes determine our behaviour, including how we interact with each other and the world around us. Research tells us that our cognitive processes are biased, but these biases cause us to interact with the world in some predictable ways. To reliably and strongly nudge the way people make decisions and behave, you need an understanding of these cognitive biases and how the brain works.

A nudge is a way of subtly influencing others’ behaviours in predictable ways. Understanding the art and science of effective nudges can help your organisation to:

  • Increase productivity

  • Reduce expenditure

  • Improve safety

  • Grow revenue

  • Boost sales and

  • Decrease wasted time

To help your organisation gain a better understanding of nudging and reap the vast benefits of behavioural nudges, you need a team of experts who understand the science and your industry.

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Bring in the Experts

A wide body of evidence, spanning across psychology, cognitive neuroscience, and economics has documented the ways in which human behaviour is influenced by our own biases. With an in-depth understanding of this evidence, world-leading Neuroscientist, Professor Joel Pearson, and his team of experienced psychologists, designers, and strategists turn this evidence into practical and effective learnings and implementations that your organisation can start using immediately.

Our expert team offers solutions for every step of your organisation’s journey towards a better future: from our intro to Behavioural Nudges Workshop through to providing the services of an entire behavioural nudge unit.


Our Behavioural Nudges Workshop

This workshop, designed by world-leading Neuroscientist, Professor Joel Pearson, and the team at FM Lab, breaks down complex empirical and theoretical behavioural and neuroscience research to make information about why people behave the way they do accessible, practical, and relevant to you and your organisation.

In our Behavioural Nudges Workshop, you’ll learn about the fundamentals of behavioural science and the core skills required to apply behavioural nudges in your own organisation. You’ll also get hands-on experience using our custom-made Design for the Brain cards (a collection of 40 of the strongest and most applicable findings from behavioural science and behavioural economics) to see how nudges can powerfully change your organisation. 

This workshop is our entry point to the world of behavioural science & nudges. It will provide your organisation with an understanding of how behavioural science-based nudges can improve safety, reduce wasted resources, save money, and increase efficiency.


Through the workshop, you and your team will:

  1. Learn about effective behavioural science implementations around the world

  2. Understand the fundamentals of behavioural science and why they are important

  3. Build a repertoire of powerful nudges backed by rigorous evidence

  4. Gain hands-on experience putting nudges into practice within your own organisation

  5. Recognise how and why it is vital to rigorously measure initiatives and implementations (How else can you determine true ROI?)

Unlike other workshops on the market, our workshop is based only on demonstrable and evidence-based principles backed by a world leading university, the University of New South Wales with 100s of peer-reviewed publications. Furthermore, our team is made up of both academics–who understand what true rigorous measurement is, and experienced industry leaders–who understand the realities and necessary practicalities of business. Our workshop is available in both standard and bespoke formats ranging from 3-5 hours. Bringing together the best of academia and industry, we provide you with accessible, practical, and relevant insights.

While our workshop is a great first step towards understanding and implementing nudges, optimal and lasting behavioural changes require an ongoing and integrated approach. To learn more about what an ongoing, integrated approach might look like, check out our Nudge Unit Consulting.


Next Steps

There was once a time when humans were believed to behave fully rationally, carefully and objectively weighing up all the available evidence before making decisions. Not surprisingly, a large body of evidence shows that this is not the case. Humans are predictably irrational–prone to bias and incorrect judgements–sometimes we are aware of these, but often we are not. 

Understanding and harnessing humans’ predictable irrationality is key to your organisation’s ongoing success as we head into the 4th Industrial Revolution. Organisations, researchers and governments around the world are demonstrating that nudges really work. Don’t get left behind!

Start a conversation with us to see how you can start harnessing the power of effective behavioural nudges in your organisation today.