Agile science is a clear guiding path to maximise unexpected discoveries and at the same time keep science lean and efficient.

It is designed to guide scientific discovery by starting at the top, with the research idea node and typically working through stages of rapid iteration. Once the research idea or question is clear and various aspects about whether it is a worthwhile research question have been worked out, the project is ready for agile experimentation. 

Head to our agile science website to explore our methodology and resources further.


We designed a deck of cards that breaks down complex findings from psychology, cognitive neuroscience, and economics, to make information about why people behave the way they do more accessible. Use them in workshops, brainstorms or solo ideation to intentionally design for positive behavioural outcomes.

Each card is designed to prompt new ways of thinking, critical enquiry, and perspective taking.

We use these cards internally to assist with our own design processes and bring them to your team in our Behavioural Nudges workshop.