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In the meantime, check out more about the workshop or learn about how Future Minds Lab can help you to create a Nudge Unit to drive the most effective, lasting behavioural nudges. See below for details!

Start Nudging Better Behaviour

Understanding and harnessing humans’ predictable irrationality is key to your organisation’s ongoing success as we head into the 4th Industrial Revolution. FM Lab helps you to harness the power of effective behavioural nudges in your organisation.

+ Behavioural Nudges Workshop


Spanning 3 hours, our standard workshop covers:

  • Effective behavioural science implementations around the world

  • The fundamentals of behavioural science and why it is important

  • The concept of nudges

  • Hands-on experience putting nudges into practice in your own organisation

  • How and why to rigorously measure initiatives and interventions

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Aprox. 3 hours


Prof. Joel Pearson
Director of Future Minds Lab

Annaliese McGavin
Psychologist (MOrgPsych) & PhD Researcher

+ Nudge Unit Consulting


To integrate ongoing, effective behavioural nudges into your organisation, you need a nudge unit. We can help you to harness the power of a nudge unit by:

  1. Providing expertise for your internal nudge unit setup

  2. Serving as your external nudge unit

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Varies based on your organisation’s needs